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How to be like Spencer Hastings

    • 1. Get the look.
    • For Hair: If you have lighter skin, you will be able to pull of her signature brown or blonde hair. If you like your locks already, consider growing it out to a nice length, keeping it washed, and neat-Spence is a perfectionist, so would she look anything less? Be sure, no matter what, to invest in some luscious curls and neat, preppy hair accessories.
    • For Skin: Spencer has clean, clear, BEAUTIFUL skin. To achieve this, get into a regular skin care routine. Spencer loves the Kiehl's skincare line, but if it's too pricey for you, try using either Clean & Clear or Neutrogena. Clinique works well too. If you're looking for quick results, try Men's foaming Stridex in the pump--it works wonders. Use a day lotion that has SPF 15 or higher on your face to protect it from sun, stress, and pollution. Wash your face 2 to 3 times a day. If your acne (or other face impurities you wish to remove) is not subsiding, try Proactiv or medical treatment. To keep it soft, try things like facial masks, eating properly, and drinking water. By the way, don't think that water clears up acne-it hydrates your skin, and keeps it from looking dry and ashy... there's nothing in plain water that clears acne.
    • The Eyes In pictures, it often looks as if she has hazel or blue eyes. But in several books, especially in Killer, we learn Spencer actually has green eyes. Either way, eye color doesn't matter. Also, get enough sleep every night and don't rub your eyes a lot to avoid creating pre-mature wrinkles. If you have hereditary under eye circles, there are many ways to cover them like makeup. Wear a good quality mascara from a brand like Maybelline to get ashblack lashes like her.
    • The Teeth: Remember we cleared it up that Spencer had a mega watt smile? Well, maybe you should get one too! If you're young, try and get braces if your teeth are less than perfect. If you already have braces or don't need them, brush your teeth 2 times a day with a good toothpaste, floss 1 or 2 times and use mouthwash once and do it well! Sometimes, a person's natural tint is yellow, and because of this, they think it's unimportant to brush their teeth. However, brushing your teeth prevents plaque and tartar. Use mouth wash and breath mints after brushing. Don't forget that floss!
  1. 2
    Clothes. As you can tell, Spencer is a perfectionist. From pictures, you can tell that she is what we call 'preppy'. She does not dress in Hollister, Aeropostale, or Target. She dresses in classic, preppy stores like Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Lacoste, and Lilly Pulitzer, and wears other high-class brands that go either unspecified or nondescript. Try to take time to dress and to look effortless and put together. For totes or bags, she would wear longchamps. She wears trendy clothes but with a classic twist:try a cute gray mini, rose ballet flats with gray knee highs, a white blouse, and a pink cardigan. Dress everyday like you're going to a country club or even meeting the Headmaster at a prestigious private school. If a lot of girls don't wear high fashion things (or you cannot afford it or you don't like the style) you can shop at Abercrombie, HCO, and American Eagle, but try getting understated pieces like plain, brightly colored, fitting sweaters with tanks to go underneath. Plain, well fitting jeans, cute shoes. Try to dress in a more mature manner. If you can't afford some of the higher class stores, shop around and buy preppy sweaters, flats, accessories, etc. from different stores. Check your mom's closet too, even "borrow" her pearls. Just look as preppy and neat as possible.
    • Accessories! Try to get some cute bags and keep them clean and organized; her favorites are by Kate Spade. For bags, try oversized ones, or a cute tote that looks high fashion and classy but never goes out of style. As for jewelry, get classic pieces like a simple pearl necklace and matching earrings or diamond studs and a tennis bracelet.
  2. 3
    Attitude! Because of her undying wit, academic intelligence, and seemingly perfect persona, it's almost a surprise that this Pretty Little Liar is sneaky, greedy, and hell bent on beating everyone else out. She uses her smarts, common sense, and wit to do her best, and that's why she always seems so perfect. If you're a pessimistic person, try to lighten up a little- even when getting hateful texts from the lovable "A", Spencer doesn't let it get her personality or her grades down. Be friendly to everyone (or everyone you can stand) but use your good rep and skills to maneuver your way to what you want but DON'T double cross someone, or involve someone, it will backfire on you.
  3. 4
    In school Spencer is a straight A student and a favorite. She got perfect scores on the SATs. Become an A student. Spencer's done many bad things but it never ruins her good girl reputation. If you're going to spread rumors, please, think of consequences, and how this will change peoples perception of you, even if it is a small rumor. Also, what you do in after school stays after school. If you just hooked up with some guy, don't let it spread around school; keep it to yourself. Things like this can get twisted up and people can pass it on from a simple kiss to the full monty, and ultimately, you'll get a negative stigma and that does not go hand-in-hand with being perfect.
    • Friendly Competition...Or Not Spencer is in a cut-throat competition with her elder sister, Melissa, to see who's the better Hasting, especially in school. Try to out do siblings and friends, but don't be cocky or smug about it. There is a such a thing as friendly competition and it gives you drive to do your best. However, when you start hoping other people will fail or you go too far sabotaging or plagiarizing them, you need to tone it down a little.
  4. 5
    Get Neat and Organized! Spencer is very organized and she plans her day out in her Sidekick. For one, get a Smart Phone, and try to plan your day out, down to the exact detail. If you can't plan your day on your cell or you don't have one, invest in a good quality planner. Write neatly and legibly. Also, have a clean room, seriously, Spencer takes neat to a whole new level. Being neat applies to your clothes, school, locker, etc.
  5. 6
    To Play Like a Little Liar... Excuse the weird title, but really, who wouldn't want to? Try extra curricular activities. Spencer plays field hockey to keep in shape and also because she's good at it. If you don't like field hockey or your school doesn't have it, try lacrosse, horse back riding, or ballet. Even though she is thin, she isn't very tomboyish or supremely athletic-that's more of an Emily thing.
  6. 7
    Social Life. Spencer is part of the most popular clique in school. Her clique is made up of different girls but each have their own unique friendships with one another. I'm not here to say you have to be popular, because it's unnecessary, but it does add to the 'Spencer' persona. Also, Spencer attracts a lot of hot guys and is flirty, but she never does anything that may haunt her later. Do not get flirty and easily mixed up.
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How to dress like Spencer Hastings

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